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Adventure Parks Group

The company needed capital to acquire a non-operational but well known theme park and supplement it with modern amusements and rides

Business Description:

Adventure Parks Group was a holding company with two operating entities, Wild Adventures and Cypress Gardens. Wild Adventures was a mid-sized regional amusement park and wildlife preserve in Valdosta, GA, and Cypress Gardens featured botanical gardens, water ski shows, a few small family rides, shopping boutiques and restaurants in Winter Haven, FL.

Falcon Solution:

Falcon supported Wild Adventures in its acquisition and build out of Cypress Gardens to form Adventure Parks Group. The situation called for creativity as the investment involved the challenges of an existing theme park layered on top of the project finance risk of building out an additional theme park that had not been in operation for several years. Falcon structured and led the financing, and along with its co-investment partners invested in a second collateralized institutional loan with warrants and convertible preferred stock.

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Investment Date:

SEP 2004

Transaction Type:



Amusement parks


Management and existing shareholders


Second collateralized institutional loan with warrants and convertible preferred stock

Exit Date:

September 2007