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LVI Services

Complex balance sheet restructuring, complex accounting issues and perceived asbestos liability risk

Business Description:

Founded in 1986, LVI Services is a national provider of high-quality environmental remediation and demolition services. LVI Service’s principal business is to offer turnkey services for lead paint abatement, asbestos remediation and complete facility demolition. The Company’s emergency response business provides quick response in emergency situations to get its clients’ businesses back online promptly and with minimal business interruption.

Falcon Solution:

In the Spring of 2009, Falcon invested in the Company’s term loan through several secondary market transactions. Faced with a comprehensive reorganization of the capitalization during the summer of 2010, Falcon acted with the existing stakeholders and participated in a structured equity financing by converting a portion of its term loan exposure into common equity.

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Investment Date:

APR 2009

Transaction Type:

Secondary Purchase


Environmental remediation


Private equity group


Term loan credit facility and common equity

Exit Date:

September 2012