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Anton Capital Entertainment SCA

Complex investment structure requiring deep industry knowledge

Business Description:

Anton Capital Entertainment SCA (“ACE”) is a newly-created Luxembourg-based media fund that signed an agreement with StudioCanal S.A. (“StudioCanal”) to co-finance the international films distributed by StudioCanal over the next three years.  ACE will finance 30% of StudioCanal’s releases.  The cumulative investment is expected to encompass approximately 100 films and reach up to EUR 500 million over the three year period.  StudioCanal is one of the largest European film distributors, with direct operations in France, the United Kingdom and Germany, and is also active globally through its international sales force and its other distribution and licensing agreements.

Falcon Solution:

Given its past investments in Legendary Pictures and Village Roadshow, Falcon approached this complex structured finance opportunity with a deep knowledge of the media and film finance spaces and longstanding experience in making non-traditional structured finance investments.  Falcon led and structured the senior subordinated notes with common equity interests and also purchased common equity interests.

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Investment Date:

AUG 2011

Transaction Type:

Structured Finance


Media and entertainment




Senior subordinated notes with common equity interests and common equity

Exit Date:

January 2016