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Royalty Pharma

Complex investment structure

Business Description:

Royalty Pharma is a rapidly growing company that owns and acquires revenue-producing intellectual property—principally royalty interests in marketed and late-stage development biopharmaceutical products. The Company does not discover, develop, manufacture or market products. Instead, the company provides liquidity to royalty owners and assumes the future risks and rewards of ownership.

Falcon Solution:

The company’s organizational and capital structure were complex, and Falcon invested in Series B Interests that supported a securitization and enabled the company to acquire several additional commercialized and non-commercialized royalty streams. The investment allowed Falcon to participate in the pharmaceutical industry in a measured, risk-controlled way.

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Investment Date:

DEC 2003

Transaction Type:

Structured Finance


Pharmaceutical royalties




Series B Interests

Exit Date:

December 2007