Ottawa Senators - Onex Falcon

Ottawa Senators

Complex investment structure with industry-specific valuation and control considerations, as well as shifting industry dynamics

Business Description:

The Senators, who play in Canada’s capital city of Ottawa, Ontario, are currently one of 30 teams in the National Hockey League.  The club joined the league in 1992 and is one of seven Canadian hockey franchises and the only professional major league sports team in Ottawa.  The Senators have a strong track record of success with four divisional titles, 14 playoff appearances and one Stanley Cup Finals appearance in the last 16 seasons.

Falcon Solution:

Falcon structured and led a flexible second-lien debt investment in support of the Company’s refinancing of its existing debt.

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Investment Date:

APR 2013

Transaction Type:



Media and entertainment professional sports




Second-lien notes

Exit Date:

June 2015