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Digital Domain

Volatile earnings cycle based on feature film production and seasonality of commercial projects

Business Description:

Digital Domain is an Academy Award-winning digital production studio specialized in producing visual effects for feature film and advertising production. Founded in 1993, the Company has built a legacy of achievement, listing Titanic, The Day After Tomorrow and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button among its 65+ film credits. A creative giant in advertising, Digital Domain has created some of the world’s most memorable spots. The studio works with many of Hollywood’s leading directors. Digital Domain is continually pushing into new territory and is recognized for its pioneering work in photo-real digital humans and productions that bring the worlds of movies, games, advertising and the web closer together.

Falcon Solution:

Drawing on its deep media expertise, Falcon structured its investment to be protected by the inherent strategic value of the company within its industry while taking into account the company’s near-term earnings cyclicality. Falcon initially purchased senior secured notes with warrants and convertible preferred stock and subsequently provided additional capital in support of a strategic acquisition.

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Investment Date:

JUL 2006

Transaction Type:

Growth, Recapitalization


Media and entertainment


Management and investor group


Senior secured notes with warrants and convertible preferred stock

Exit Date:

September 2012