Ontario Drive & Gear Limited - Onex Falcon

Ontario Drive & Gear Limited

Independent sponsor in need of a flexible capital partner to provide junior debt and preferred equity in support of a buyout with a tight commitment timeframe

Business Description:

ODG is the world’s leading manufacturer of amphibious extreme terrain vehicles for commercial and recreational use, which it sells under the Argo brand. ODG is also a leading manufacturer of high quality gears, couplings and transmission components to third-party Original Equipment Manufacturers (“OEMs”) across diversified end markets.

Falcon Solution:

Falcon partnered with Aperion Management to acquire ODG.  Working under a tight timeframe, Falcon provided a flexible capital solution appropriate for a growing company, including second lien notes and preferred equity, to supplement the equity capital invested by Aperion Management.

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Investment Date:

AUG 2014

Transaction Type:



Manufacturer of extreme terrain vehicles and precision gears


Independent sponsor


Subordinated debt, preferred equity and common equity

Exit Date:

Current investment