Investments - Onex Falcon


The information below is updated as of 09/30/22 and excludes broadly-syndicated loans and investments allocated to a warehouse facility. 

Investment Date Type
Gulf Pacific Sep 2022 Buyout
SailPoint Aug 2022 Buyout
Crash Champions Aug 2022 Buyout
Watchfire Jul 2022 Buyout
Apex Analytix Jul 2022 Buyout
Zips Car Wash Jul 2022 Acquisition
Contracting Research Organization Jun 2022 Buyout
Captain D’s May 2022 Buyout
Global Business Process Outsourcing Company May 2022 Recapitalization, Refinancing
Heatonist Mar 2022 Growth
K-12 Education Group Mar 2022 Recapitalization, Refinancing
PDFTron Mar 2022 Acquisition
Steele Solutions Mar 2022 Acquisition
Specialty Chemical Distributor Mar 2022 Acquisition
BEL USA Feb 2022 Recapitalization, Refinancing
Spark DSO Feb 2022 Acquisition
Amplity Health Feb 2022 Acquisition
Transportation Services Company Feb 2022 Acquisition
APT Healthcare Dec 2021 Buyout
Education Solution Services Dec 2021 Buyout
International Education Company Dec 2021 Recapitalization, Refinancing
Marquis Software Solutions Nov 2021 Buyout
Consumer Products Company Nov 2021 Recapitalization, Refinancing
Bullhorn Nov 2021 Acquisition
insightsoftware Nov 2021 Acquisition
Medallia Oct 2021 Buyout
OneCare Media SEP 2021 Buyout
Jackson Paper Manufacturing Aug 2021 Buyout
KeyData Jul 2021 Buyout, Growth
Electrical Contractor JUL 2021 Buyout
Connect America Jun 2021 Acquisition
IndiMade Brands Jun 2021 Buyout
SmartLabs JUN 2021 Growth
Hibu May 2021 Buyout
CSS Corp FEB 2021 Buyout
Wireless Vision DEC 2020 Recapitalization
Edmentum DEC 2020 Buyout
Prosites NOV 2020 Acquisition, Recapitalization
Belcan OCT 2020 Acquisition, Refinancing
NexusTek SEP 2020 Acquisition, Growth
Mrs. Gerry’s JUL 2020 Buyout
Column Technologies JUN 2020 Acquisition
Unitek Learning MAR 2020 Buyout
Managed Colocation, Application, and IT services provider DEC 2019 Buyout
Shrieve Chemical Company DEC 2019 Buyout
Wisconsin Cheese Group DEC 2019 Acquisition, Recapitalization
One World Fitness NOV 2019 Acquisition
Electronics for Imaging JUL 2019 Buyout
Connoisseur Media JUL 2019 Buyout
Rapid Displays JUL 2019 Buyout
Frontsteps MAY 2019 Acquisition, Growth
Taconic Biosciences FEB 2019 Buyout
Vision Integrated Holdings DEC 2018 Buyout
RealD NOV 2018 Refinancing
Confie NOV 2018 Growth, Refinancing
Keeco Sep 2018 Acquisition
Basic Fun Aug 2018 Growth, Recapitalization
Chairmans Foods JAN 2018 Acquisition
Velocity Solutions DEC 2017 Buyout
Financial Services Advisory Firm OCT 2017 Buyout
FASTMED AUG 2017 Refinancing
Intelligent Decisions MAY 2017 Buyout
CXtec AUG 2016 Buyout
K2 Pure Solutions FEB 2016 Growth, Recapitalization
American Achievement Corporation SEP 2015 Recapitalization
Village Roadshow Entertainment Group SEP 2015 Growth, Recapitalization
American Seafoods AUG 2015 Recapitalization
EuropaCorp S.A. JAN 2015 Growth
Sun Orchard DEC 2014 Buyout
Encore Repair Services DEC 2014 Growth
ArcaTech Systems DEC 2014 Acquisition
Ontario Drive & Gear Limited AUG 2014 Buyout
Laney Directional Drilling JUL 2014 Buyout
Ignition Group JUL 2014 Growth
Gas Station TV JUN 2014 Buyout
Rapid Advance AUG 2013 Buyout
C.P. Converters DEC 2012 Buyout
Relativity Media JUL 2012 Growth
Connect America DEC 2010 Buyout